Vehicle Development: Machine Learning, Testing & Simulation

This month, Autotech Council members open their doors to the public for a discussion on machine learning, AI, and virtualization as part of a manufacturer's arsenal. Join OEMs, suppliers, startups and VCs to discover innovation and opportunities in Vehicle Development.

Developing and manufacturing a motor vehicle is a costly endeavor with concept to production a multi-year process. On the flip side, increased global competition, regulatory changes, and the rapid advancement of technology, are reducing the vehicle’s lifecycle. Driven by the need to introduce technology faster, and shorten the product development process, OEMs are turning to development tools such as simulation, thus using machine learning to build intelligence for quality control, predictive maintenance, driver behavior, and road safety.

New technology solutions for Vehicle Development allow for the virtualization of the sector, such that carmakers, Tier 1 vendors, and component makers can design and test their products in virtual environments before ever stamping steel or molding in clay. Working virtually provides infinitely more flexibility in the design stages, and allows engineers and designers to:

  • try out more possible configurations
  • view and appreciate design without building real, physical models
  • test performance, looks, fit, movement, physical forces
  • identify future problems and recall issues of the virtual part before the actual part is ever built
  • reduce costs of development
  • and speed time to market

Join Autotech Council members for a public review of the challenges, opportunities, technologies and innovation in Vehicle Development. As always, we'll have a strong representation of innovators and startups with their rapid-fire presentations, demo tables, the insight of analysts, and the views of some major stakeholders, and our premier networking.

Fees and Options: 

  • REGISTRATION: $200 (free for Autotech Council members)
  • TECHNOLOGY PITCH: $200 (discounted for Autotech Council members)
    Any relevant technology can be introduced in a 5-minute rapid-fire pitch; register online
  • MEETING TABLE: $500 (discounted for Autotech Council members)
    Reserve a table to meet relevant attendees 1-on-1 before, during, and after the meeting

About Autotech Council Public Meetings:
The Autotech Council occasionally opens its doors to non-members to discover a segment of the auto industry that is attracting large amounts of innovation and investment. Public meetings are ½-day agendas that highlight a few vendors who are leading the segment and introduce dozens of undiscovered companies or technologies. Expect demos, startup pitches, plenty of time for networking, business discussions, and an interactive format that promotes relationships between member and non-member companies.


  • When

  • Thursday, February 13, 2020
    8:30 AM - 1:00 PM

  • Where

  • Nvidia
    2788 San Tomas Expy
    Santa Clara, CA 95051

About the Autotech Council

Visionary companies in the auto industry use the Autotech Council to discover innovation, build partnerships, exchange insight, and grow their professional networks. The result is earlier discovery of new innovation, better understanding of technology's potential impact and timing, access to more entrepreneurs and investors, and in the big picture - getting better cars to market faster.

Autotech Council members meet monthly to hear from start ups and educate themselves on new technologies and market trends. For more details, visit

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