V2X & NAIAS Debrief

Autonomous Driving is red hot these days. With Tesla's commercial launch of Autopilot, Google's cute urban car, Apple rumors, and OEM news from the LA Auto show, there is nothing capturing more interest, nor developing as quickly as self-driving cars.

As a testament to the wide-ranging interest, the US Secretary of Commerce visited the Autotech Council in San Jose, and asked us to put together an invite-only list of autonomous car start-ups for an informational discussion on removing legislative barriers to innovation. 

One aspect of autonomy that may emerge soon as an ADAS system is an automated communication link between two vehicles (V2V) or between vehicles and infrastructure (V2I). Distinct from the "connected car" which is focused on Internet connectivity, V2X is more about machine-to-machine communications that vehicles will do automatically.

V2x solutions would allow cars to learn about hazards ahead on the road, to platoon together for increased efficiency, and to coordinate and optimize use of scare resources: fuel and roads. Ideas include:

  • A warning of stoppage, ice, or hazards ahead
  • Easier coordinated highway merging
  • A video view shot from the lead car of a platoon or convoy
  • A re-routing based on dense traffic, better road surface utilization
  • Platoons able to travel at fast speed, and almost no spacing
  • No waiting for traffic lights when no opposing traffic
  • Reduced need for traffic signal stops as platoons arrive at opposing intervals
  • Incredibly valuable data. Also the risk of abuse of that data.
  • Safer passage of emergency vehicles
  • Parking allocation and payment

In many ways, Waze already gives drivers a glimpse of V2I through the smartphone. These functions would be even more powerful if the knowledge were delivered to the car itself as well as to the driver in a non-distracting way.

Join 100+ Autotech Council members, OEMs, vendors, startups and VCs to take a closer look at this V2x topic, where we discuss the radios, architectures, applications, and mid-term to long-term visions for an interconnected transportation organism

For Members-Only: After lunch, Autotech Council will debrief the 2016 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) among members. These debrief sessions mix news with opinions for those members who did not participate at either show and we encourage our participants to actively contribute their insights to each highlighted topic.

The Autotech Council opens its doors to non-members a few times each year to take a deep dive into a segment of the auto industry that is attracting large amounts of innovation and investment. These ½-day, executive-format agendas highlight a few larger vendors who are leading the segment forward and bring dozens of undiscovered companies to the stage as well. These agendas always include plenty of time for networking, business discussions, and an interactive format that promotes relationships between member and non-member companies.

This meeting is free for Autotech Council members, open to non-members for a $200 fee, and Rapid Fire Demo Slots are available during registration to companies who can show off new products or services based on infotainment technology.

Call For Speakers and Rapid Fires
We encourage companies innovating around computing hardware for automotive to apply to speak online here.

Demo Tables Available
Demo tables are available during registration to any company with a product or service in this market segment who would like to show their technology during the morning and lunch breaks. These are a great way to get everyone in the room an in-person introduction to what you are doing in this market segment. Tables are 30" tall round cocktail tables, include black table linen, power, and Wi-Fi when available.

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  • When

  • Friday, February 12, 2016
    8:30 AM - 2:00 PM

  • Where

    411 Dixon Landing Road
    Milpitas, California 95035

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