Smart Cities


  • Thursday, November 10, 2016
    8:30 AM 
    Breakfast, Networking and Demos
    Be sure to stop by and check out the companies demoing their latest technology during the networking breaks.
    • GSE Inc.
    • Elektrobit
    • RideCell
    9:00 AM 
    Opening Remarks
    Walter Sullivan, Head of Innovation Lab, Silicon Valley at Elektrobit
    9:05 AM 
    Overview on Smart City Progress
    Jeanette Shaw, CEO at Techolicy, LLC Jeanette will update us on smart city deployments and initiatives, the DOT Challenge and where state and local policy are moving this industry forward.
    9:25 AM 
    Kati Rubinyi, Strategic Planning for Last Mile Mobility at Civic Projects

    Finding compatibility between the mobility start-up market and the public sector is by no means easy. Where market innovators design new business models, the public sector is constrained to slow, stepwise optimization relying on existing procurement processes. This talk, which includes a case study, covers how companies that want to partner with cities must demonstrate a connection to policy goals and become part of the transportation planning process.
    9:45 AM 
    Panel: Private, Public, Partnerships

    The Smart City concept requires a tremendous amount of collaboration and interoperability among various stakeholders. Ideas like "open" data, shared infrastructure, neutral third parties may all play a role, but companies can also surge forward independently. What is the role of collaboration, and which are the stakeholders that need to come together? Can government move at the pace of the industry?

    • Walter Sullivan, Head of Innovation Lab, Silicon Valley at Elektrobit
    • Nitin Kartik, Bus Dev Director Overseeing the Traffic Product Unit at TomTom
    • Sudipto Aich, Principal Researcher at Ford Smart Mobility
    • Kim Fennell, Head of Location-Based Services Partnerships at Uber
    10:30 AM 
    Networking Break
    Flip over your agenda to the attendee list and put some faces to those names as we give everyone 30 minutes to connect with each other. As always, we are happy to help you find the person you want to meet.
    11:00 AM 
    Rapid-Fire Demo Presentations / Fastpitch
    Young companies interested in presenting their automotive technology innovations, services and solutions are welcome to register to be a rapid-fire presenter. These demo slots are 5-minutes and used to introduce new companies and their products, in the hopes of creating interest and follow-up from the Silicon Valley telecom and automotive community including the carriers, the manufacturers, and the investors who follow innovation in this segment.

    • David Klein, North American Manager at Moovitapp
    • Mark Thomas, VP, Marketing at RideCell
    • Sena Zorlu, CEO at Instapio
    • Christian Kotscher, CEO at MetroTech
    • Ryan Lipkin, Business Development Manager at Kisensum
    • Nalin Gupta, CEO at Aurobots
    • Tom Mitchell, Strategic Accounts Manager at Qumulo
    • Leemor Chandally, Director of Strategic Partnerships, North America at BestMile
    • Joe Gormley, President & CEO at DigiDrive Systems
    12:00 PM 
    Please close this meeting by connecting with the companies and people who presented their new ideas and products during the rapid fire pitches.
    1:00 PM