Science Fair 2016

Autotech Council Science Fair includes over 30 demonstrations of new mobility-related technologies, projects, and beta products from Autotech Council member companies, local universities and a few select vendors.

 Located in a large, open room full of science fair tables each representing 1 company and each set with demos, samples and explanations, automotive engineers, business and strategy executives and the interested public will try the demos and ask questions through the afternoon.
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Exhibits include:


Airbiquity Software & Data Management Demonstration
Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates and data management for vehicles is much more complex than other "devices" like smartphones and set-top boxes. Airbiquity tackles this complexity head-on with an OTA solution specifically tailored to the unique needs of automotive. Airbiquity's Software & Data Management securely orchestrates and automates OTA for single and multi-ECUs with highly refined vehicle and device targeting, discreet policy and privacy controls, customized consumer notifications, and OEM back office and campaign management system integration - all powered by the industry's most advanced connected vehicle service delivery platform: ChoreoTM


Visit Anritsu as they demonstrate one-box Protocol and RF testing allowing validation of V2X messages for both roadside units (RSUs) and on-board units (OBUs) utilizing Anritsu's MS2692A signal analyzer with built-in signal generator. The demonstration will include capturing and decoding DSRC signals as well as critical measurements on power, modulation, spectrum emissions mask and spurious emissions up to 26.5 GHz. See how capture and replay capability provides flexibility and enhances the test process. Anritsu's DSRC V2X test solution is offered at the CETECOM OLA lab in Milpitas, CA.

Autotech Council

Innovation in Motion
Visionary companies in the auto industry use the Autotech Council to discover innovation, build partnerships, exchange insight, and grow their professional networks. For more information and to join our invitation list, visit:

Cisco Jasper

About Cisco Jasper
Cisco Jasper is a global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) platform technology, fueling real business transformation worldwide. For more than a decade, companies of all sizes have used our managed connectivity platform, Control Center, to automate the secure, reliable delivery of IoT services that deliver enhanced customer experiences and drive revenue.


Comtech's Location Studio Automotive Reference Design
A complete navigation solution supporting search, navigation and 3D maps for cloud, on-board and hybrid navigation systems.


DNP provides a variety of products and services in a wide range of business fields including display components and electronic devices to about 30,000 corporate clients in Japan and around the world. DNP applies world-leading nano-scale fabrication and patterning technologies to manufacture advanced optical and functional films as well as other cutting-edge products to manufacturers around the world. At the Science Fair, DNP demonstrates its louver array film and other products for automobile applications.

Fujifilm North America

FUJIFILM exhibits original functional materials for both ICT - including HUD, Lenses, and electromagnetic wave absorption sheet, and car interior - including lenticular sheet, and IJ print for interior

Geo Semiconductor Inc

GEO Dynamic Electronic/Pan/Tilt/Zoom of 1080p60 Camera
This demo exhibits GEO's fast, smooth and real-time warp map generation and transition. GEO's GW4 can take 1080p60 input either from a camera or pre-recoded video played in a media player and via a joystick a new warp-map is generated and activated on the fly. In addition, appropriate OSDs are also loaded rapidly to keep them sync with the changing warp-maps. There are increasing number of automotive applications that require this feature such as mirror replacement cameras, surround view cameras and wide angle backup cameras.


Hamamatsu Corporation is the North American subsidiary of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. (Japan), a leading manufacturer of photonic devices for the generation and measurement of infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light. In the automotive area, we offer highly reliable and customizable optoelectronic components/modules for ADAS, autonomous technologies, safety systems, automatic climate control systems, data communications, and other advanced car features.


IBM provides IoT vertical solution for automotive industry to enable the development of cognitive IoT solutions in areas such as advanced mobility, autonomous driving and commercializing vehicle data. Using the IoT for Automotive starter applications, we will demo driver behavior analytics, carsharing, vehicle data management and fleet management scenarios.

ISI-Dentsu of America, Inc

ISI-Dentsu develops and distributes a number of solutions for automakers and fleets in Japan. One such solution is Kitaro, an OBD2 dongle with managed service to track fleets of delivery vehicles. Kitaro costs nothing up front and is billed at a simple flat monthly fee per device. It includes a custom OBD2 dongle and fleet management portal to track the location and driving behavior of vehicles in your fleet. Drivers are scored based on their driving behavior and the location and delivery schedule can be managed via the online portal.


Compact 3D camera
Compact 3D camera is a high performance 3D camera solution by LG Electronics. The development concept is focused on low cost and compact size and the key part of the depth calculation algorithm and illuminator module has been developed based on LGE's unique technology. Compact 3D camera can be very flexible for various application needs about depth range and HW form factors including interface and field of view.


Melexis MLX75023
The Melexis MLX75023 is a QVGA (320x240 pixel) resolution optical Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera sensor. Combined with a modulated light source, this sensor is capable of measuring distance and reflectivity at full resolution. The high dynamic range DepthSense® ToF pixels enables up to 120 klux ambient light robustness. The sensor is available in a chip scale glass ball grid array (BGA) package and offers many integration possibilities.Melexis' Time-of-Flight sensors enable robust 3D imaging solutions with minimal post-processing cost and large scalability of resolution, range and field-of-view.

Mentor Automotive

Micron Technology

Demand for infotainment, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and wireless connectivity is taking automotive designs to the next level, requiring more memory than ever before. That's where Micron comes in. Stop by our booth to understand how we provide leading-edge memory solutions for automotive applications, help enhance system performance, and put quality, reliability and regulatory compliance above all else. With Micron, you don't just get a memory supplier - you get technical expertise, a long-term partnership and a complete portfolio of high-quality, reliable automotive memory solutions to optimize your designs and accelerate your time to market.

Mojo Mobility

Mojo Mobility is a leader in development of wireless charging for consumer and automotive applications. Mojo Mobility's patented Near-Field Power EV charging systems allow high power and high efficiency charging of electric and autonomous vehicles with large position tolerance for static and dynamic charging applications.

Nexteer Automotive

Advanced steering and driveline systems


Autonomous driving is far too complex for traditional computer vision and programming methods. It takes deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve full autonomy. The car needs to know exactly where it is, recognize the objects around it, and continuously calculate the optimal path for a safe driving experience. This situational and contextual awareness of the car and its surroundings demands a powerful visual computing AI system that can merge data from cameras and other sensors, plus navigation sources, while also planning the safest path - all in real-time. This AI car computer is NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2. For more information, visit

Osram Opto Semiconductors

Safer Driving Experience
Autonomously driven cars will combine a variety of technologies in the future, to keep an eye on their surroundings and driver at all times and respond suitably. While fully autonomous driving is still limited to prototypes, the first partly independently acting assistant systems are already in use today. Optical sensors based on infra-red lasers and LED are key technologies for today and tomorrows intelligent systems to gradually ease the burden on the driver. Infrared components, lasers and sensors play a key role in enabling these new technologies such as LIDAR, driver monitoring, gesture recognition, iris recognition and bio sensing.

Peloton Technology

Driver-assistive 2-truck Platooning System
Peloton's driver-assistive 2-truck Platooning System applies V2X communications, active safety systems, vehicle control algorithms, and real-time monitoring to link pairs of trucks in aerodynamic platoons, reducing crash, maintenance and fuel costs for trucking fleets. Peloton is working with its investors, including UPS, Volvo Trucks, and others to bring platooning to market in 2017.


High Accuracy Map Data for Autonomous Vehicles
INCREMENT P CORPORATION (a subsidiary of Pioneer Corporation) can deliver it, with extensive coverage of Japan. IPC's map data provides the most current road network data based on the accumulated know-how and data refinement during more than 20 years of digital map development. Past applications include car-navigation and OEM mapping solutions, including recent collaborations with industry, government and academia, as well as well-known global IT companies. Our exhibit will demonstrate the latest prototype of our High Accuracy Map Data.

 Prospect SV

Prospect Silicon Valley is a San Jose-based nonprofit urbantech innovation hub. We bring together corporations, startups, academia and the public sector to accelerate innovations in transportation and mobility. Our corporate partners enjoy "first look" access to new technologies and draw inspiration from our rich ecosystem of private and public sector innovators. For startups, we provide a full spectrum of commercialization support including market and technical insight, connections to partners and investors and access to pilot opportunities.


RideCell is the leading business automation platform to launch, operate, and scale autonomous and new mobility services, including ride-sharing, car-sharing, and dynamic fixed route services. RideCell will demo how its ride-sharing and car-sharing platform powers businesses end-to-end, from consumer apps to day to day fleet management, demand and supply analytics, marketing, CRM, and payments.

Rohde + Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz, a global test equipment company, will be showing a variety of test equipment products targeting the automotive community. Included in the demonstrations will be signal generation and signal analysis test equipment addressing ADAS (mm wave radar and DSRC), telematics (wireless base station emulation) and infotainment (audio & video). In-vehicle bus testing with our new line of digital oscilloscopes will be shown with the newly added feature of CAN-BUS decoding. Finally the new mm-wave automotive radar target simulator (ARTS) will be demonstrated. The ARTS can create multiple range and velocity shifted targets in a static environment; allowing functional or in-depth testing in a production or R&D environment.


SanDisk®, a Western Digital Brand, is continuing to invest in new products designed for the stringent needs of the automotive needs. SanDisk is also launching products that will meet the new requirements and applications that are coming about as a result of the autonomous car era. Storage is quickly become one of the key components to making autonomous driving a reality. Reliability and quality are what our customers value from our automotive products.

San Jose State

San Jose State University


TomTom empowers movement
Every day millions of people around the world depend on TomTom to help them make smarter decisions. TomTom HD Map and RoadDNA are two revolutionary, highly accurate digital map products that enable automated vehicles to precisely locate themselves on the road and plan maneuvers, even when traveling at high speeds. Launched commercially in 2015, TomTom's HD Map coverage spans more than 200,000 kilometers globally with coverage expansion ongoing.


UL -- NAC - National Analysis Center

Xacti Corporation

Xacti is the world's leading digital device ODM/OEM company, a spin-off from Sanyo-Panasonic Group in 2013. Going beyond traditional digital camera business, Xacti has been expanding its customer base in "connected mobility" field and now provides "digital eyes" for automotive vehicle cameras, such as Drive recorder, Surround view camera and Rear camera for various types of vehicles. We are excited to introduce our World's top class imaging technology and our own SoCs (ASIC) for prototype and production. Xacti has been continuously evolving our own ASIC integrating the latest trend of digital imaging devices.

Demo Specifications

All participating companies can expect the following:

  • A single 8 ft by 2.5 ft rectangular table
  • Each table equipped with power, a black table cloth and a sign with your logo
  • No Internet unless you bring your own
  • Each company and technology presented will be promoted to the Autotech Council community including OEMs, startups, investors, vendors and press
  • Tables will be set up between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm and must be torn down between 5 and 6 pm
  • Science Fair is open to attendees of WAJ's Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheel Conference and Autotech Council members from 1-5 pm
  • Description of your demos will be included in event collateral and marketing material distributed online and in print before and during the Science Fair
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