October Startup Review Live


    9:30 AM 
    Onsite Networking & Registration
    For members who register for the in-person portion of this month's meeting, you will have 30 minutes to network before the pitches begin.
    10:00 AM 
    Our Startup Review Live meetings highlight a few Autotech Council members who will ask questions and give feedback after each pitch. Thank you to this month's judges.
    • Moderator: Liz Kerton, Autotech Council
    • Sanjiv Parikh, Avanta Ventures
    • Dan Tram, Volvo Group Venture Capital
    • Tim Wong, Nvidia
    10:10 AM 
    Company Pitches
    Innovation scouts, strategy and partnership delegates from Autotech Council member companies meet monthly to review startups and new technologies. In this session, 3 new companies will each have 15 minutes to introduce their technologies to carmakers and their supply chain vendors from around the world.
    10:10 AM 
    Startup #1
    Optics Technology
    10:25 AM 
    Startup #2
    Passenger Monitoring
    10:40 AM 
    Startup #3
    Additive Manufacturing
    10:55 AM 
    Closing Q&A
    11:00 AM