May Startup Review


    8:50 AM 
    Zoom Room Opens
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    9:00 AM 
    Networking & Introductions
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    9:10 AM 
    Company Pitches
    Innovation scouts, strategy and partnership delegates from Autotech Council member companies meet monthly to review startups and new technologies. In this session, 4 new companies will each have 10 minutes to pitch a room full of carmakers and their supply chain vendors from around the world.

    Special thanks to this panel of industry thought leaders for leading the questioning of today's startups.

    • David Nishijima, Sr. Manager, Principal Service Architect at Nissan
    • Bharat Sampath, Product & Partnerships at Continental Automotive
    • Mitra Sinha, Autonomous Driving Lead - Azure Cloud at Microsoft
    Submit a speaker application online here.
    9:10 AM 
    Startup #1
    9:25 AM 
    Startup #2
    Predictive Maintenance
    9:40 AM 
    Startup #3
    Fleet Management
    9:55 AM 
    Startup #4
    Next Gen Insurance
    10:10 AM 
    Startup #5
    Smart Glass
    10:25 AM 
    Networking & Drop-Ins
    Members can use this time to network with each other or connect with today's presenters directly for Q&A and demos. The Zoom Room will stay open until 11am for networking, and we will post links to chat rooms from some of today's presenters who are offering live demos and Q&A during this time.
    11:00 AM