Fleets and Shared Mobility


  • Friday, April 17, 2020
    8:45 AM 
    Networking (Zoom Lobby Opens)
    Speak with the executives shaping the future of automotive by getting your technology into their hands during the networking breaks.

    9:00 AM 
    Opening Remarks
    9:05 AM 
    Market Overview
    Our opening analyst will set the stage for today's meeting with background and facts on the current state of the market, an update on where the market is headed, and some insight into the opportunity for innovation in this segment.

    Jeffrey Hannah, Director, North America at SBD Automotive
    9:25 AM 
    Keynote: Redesigning Mobility
    In order to expand from private vehicle ownership towards shared mobility, the automotive design process needs to change. We’ll discuss existing shared modes of transportation to break down current challenges and potential opportunities, especially in these difficult times. Anne-Elise Chung, Interaction Designer - AR/VR Technologist at Formation Design Group
    9:45 AM 
    Panel: Fleets and Shared Mobility
    Shared Mobility Will Be So Good, You Won't Want To Drive

    As cities change, densities increase, and road congestion becomes more and more of a problem, shared mobility has emerged as a potential solution to the challenge. But, unfortunately, as predicted by many, shared mobility actually has induced greater demand for car-miles, and thus far only exacerbated the congestion problem. Is that the whole story? Is this where it ends? Probably not.

    Our panel will discuss how CASE will change the future, what private and public fleets can offer, and how it may even reshape urban lifestyles, culture, and habits.

    Moderator, Derek Kerton, Chairman, Autotech Council
    • Henry Bzeih, Senior Director, Business Strategy, Automotive at Microsoft
    • Mark Thomas, VP of Marketing and Alliances at Ridecell
    • Julie Wright, Senior Solution Architect at Volvo
    10:15 AM 
    Networking Break

    Adjust your headphones, grab a coffee, connect via the online chat, as we take a short break before our startup presentations.

    10:20 AM 
    Rapid-Fire Demo Presentations / Fastpitch
    Several young companies have 5-minutes each to introduce their technology and products to creating interest and follow-up from the automotive industry including the carmakers and Tier 1s who are investing in mobility innovation. Representatives from Autotech Council member companies will ask questions after each pitch.

    Member Panel:

    • Ford - Dennis Liu, Associate Director at Ford Research & Innovation Center
    • Avanta Ventures - Neda Blocho, Head of Avanta Studios
    • Bosch - Dr. Yvonne Lutsch, Investment Principal

    Startup Segments:

    • Human Interaction
    • EV marketplace
    • skateboards
    • driver monitoring
    • fleet operations
    • fleet security
    • monitoring

    Although the speaker application deadline has passed, relevant companies who did not apply can reserve remaining pitch spots, if available, when registering to attend this meeting.

    11:30 AM 
    Networking & Breakout Session
    2 meeting rooms will stay open for networking until noon. Pop over to the Breakout room for a demo and networking with the Ridecell team, stay in the main meeting room to chat with other attendees over text, audio, or video, or switch back and forth between the 2 rooms. Members can download today's presentations from the member library.
    11:35 AM 
    Breakout Session: Product in Action
    This Breakout Session includes demos and Q&A on Ridecell's Carsharing, Ridesharing and Fleet Ops capabilities. Our Carsharing supports free floating and station based models. Ridesharing (Ridehailing) for on demand or scheduled rides, dedicated or pooled, with pricing models by the minute, by the mile, both, or just buy a time package for your dedicated chauffeur. Fleet Ops is a field worker management tool that assigns jobs to roaming field workers to geographically dispersed jobs, optimizing to minimize travel time, taking into account job priorities and worker skill sets.

    Alistair Adams, Product Director at Ridecell
    12:00 PM