Data Driven Mobility


  • Friday, February 9, 2018
    8:30 AM 
    Breakfast, Networking and Demos
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    9:00 AM 
    Chairman's Welcome
    • Conference Chair: Derek Kerton, Principal Analyst, Kerton Group
    9:05 AM 
    Market Overview
    Evangelos Simoudis, Managing Director at Synapse Partners

    Big data and AI play a central role in next-generation mobility and our driverless future. Big data coming from inside and outside autonomous, connected and electrified vehicles and AI technologies employed for the exploitation of such data can provide an asymmetric, long-term, and value-creating advantage to the creators of next-generation mobility. To survive and ultimately thrive in a future where new mobility models become the norm, large corporations and startups alike must invest heavily and over a long period in such technologies and combine technology innovations with the right business model innovations.
    9:25 AM 
    Driving the “Mega Data” Age of Electronics
    Jim Elliott, Corporate Senior Vice President of Memory Sales & Marketing at Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

    We are moving at extreme velocity into a new wave of computing, as we lay the groundwork for a massive expansion of artificial intelligence across the globe. This intelligence—fueled by data intensive computing— is at the very core of a tomorrow’s transportation needs. Exponentially increasing amounts of data combined with a need for alarmingly simple, ultra-fast communications, is taking us from CPU-driven computing to a world where “data centric” ecosystems are in the driver’s seat.

    For automotive, “mega data” on-the-road communications will be driven by intense real-time computational requirements, lightning fast data storage, deep learning algorithms, next-generation simulators, HD GPS mapping, seemingly unlimited amounts of driving data, and numerous redundancy measures.

    Samsung Device Solutions, the world’s largest producer of digital components, will examine how much the automotive digital landscape is changing, and the digital roadmaps we need to get there. We will look at what’s needed in the way of ultra-fast components, smart platforms, stretchable UHD displays, next gen LED packages and high capacity storage devices, for the new era of smart cars and autonomous vehicles that’s right around the corner.
    9:45 AM 
    Best ROI Opportunities from Data Analytics

    Our panel will discuss the low hanging fruit, and best ROI opportunities from leveraging the power of information in new mobility.

    • Moderator: Derek Kerton, Principal Analyst, Kerton Group
    • Robert Christopher, Managing Director at IDNEO
    • Marcus Rohlfs, Innovation Manager at State Farm
    • John Absmeier, VP, Smart Machines at Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center
    • Evangelos Simoudis, Managing Director at Synapse Partners
    10:30 AM 
    Networking Break
    Flip over your agenda to the attendee list and put some faces to those names as we give everyone 30 minutes to connect with each other. As always, we are happy to help you find the person you want to meet.
    11:00 AM 
    Rapid-Fire Demo Presentations / Fastpitch
    Young companies interested in presenting their cutting edge mobility products, services and solutions are welcome to register to be a rapid-fire presenter. These demo slots are 5-minutes and used to introduce new companies and their products, in the hopes of creating interest and follow-up from the Silicon Valley telecom and automotive community including the carriers, the manufacturers, and the investors who follow innovation in this segment.

    Startup categories: Submit a speaker application online here.

    • Drew Breunig, SVP of Strategy at PlaceIQ
    • Peter Yorke, CEO and Co-Founder at Voyomotive
    • Mohammad Musa, Founder & CEO at Deepen AI, Inc
    • Daniel Richart, Founder at Teraki GmbH
    • Lisa Joy Rosner , CMO at Otonomo
    • Dan Sahar, VP Product at Upstream Security
    • Nick Kiernan, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development at TrafficCast
    • Jae Lew, CTO at Caruma Technologies
    12:00 PM 
    Please close this meeting by connecting with the companies and people who presented their new ideas and products during the rapid fire pitches.
    12:30 PM 
    12:30 PM 
    Debrief of NAIAS (Members only)
    Autotech Council will debrief the 2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) among members. These debrief sessions mix news with opinions for those members who did not participate at either show and we encourage our participants to actively contribute their insights to each highlighted topic.
    1:30 PM 
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