Computer Vision & LA Auto Show Debrief


  • Friday, December 14, 2018
    8:30 AM 
    Breakfast, Networking and Demos
    Be sure to stop by and visit the demo tables:
    • Algolux
    • Foresight
    • Aeye
    • Qelzal
    9:00 AM 
    Opening Remarks
    9:05 AM 
    Market Overview
    Anand Joshi, Principal Analyst at Tractica
    9:25 AM 
    Fireside Chat on the Importance of Computer Vision
    We will hear about the importance of Computer Vision.
    9:45 AM 
    Panel: Is Computer Vision Enough?
    While LIDAR is currently the gold standard for building a point cloud and the price of LIDAR is dropping fast, the growing effectiveness of Computer Vision, with its cheap cameras and scalable software, to extract the point cloud from images threatens to obviate the need for LIDAR and other hardware solutions. (“Software will eat the world.”) For this reason, we want our panelists to tell us, “Is Computer Vision enough?” And if not, when might it be?.

    • Tyler Faris, Applications Engineer at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, Inc.
    • Allan Steinhardt, Chief Scientist at Aeye
    • Nikhil Gupta, Director, ADAS Features at Magna International
    10:30 AM 
    Networking Break
    Flip over your agenda to the attendee list and put some faces to those names as we give everyone 30 minutes to connect with each other. As always, we are happy to help you find the person you want to meet.
    11:00 AM 
    Rapid-Fire Demo Presentations / Fastpitch
    Young companies interested in presenting their cutting edge mobility products, services and solutions are welcome to register to be a rapid-fire presenter. These demo slots are 5-minutes and used to introduce new companies and their products, in the hopes of creating interest and follow-up from the Silicon Valley telecom and automotive community including the carriers, the manufacturers, and the investors who follow innovation in this segment.

    Submit a speaker application online here.

    Startup categories:
    • Asaf Birnhack, Co-founder & CBO at Brighter AI Technologies
    • Olivier Coenen, CTO, Founder and interim CEO at Qelzal
    • Todd Stein, CEO at Gestoos
    • Tim LeBeau, CCO at Seek Thermal
    • Dave Tokic, VP Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Algolux
    • Roger Paje, VP Product Marketing at Molex
    • Kyle Bertin, Business Development Manager at Deepscale
    • Aamer Zaheer, Head, Research and Development at KeepTruckin
    12:00 PM 
    Please close this meeting by connecting with the companies and people who presented their new ideas and products during the rapid fire pitches.
    12:30 PM 
    Members-Only LA Auto Show Debrief
    After lunch, members stay to debrief the 2018 LA Auto Show Debrief. These debrief sessions mix news with opinions for those members who did not attend and members actively contribute their insights to recent trends.
    1:00 PM 
    1:30 PM 
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