Car Compute


  • Friday, September 11, 2015
    8:30 AM 
    Breakfast, Networking and Demos
    Be sure to stop by and check out the companies demoing their latest technology during the networking breaks.
    • Mogol Inc.
    • Suresoft Technologies Inc.
    • EYERIS
    • CloudMade
    9:00 AM 
    Opening Remarks & Analyst Overview
    Andy Castonguay, Principal Analyst at Machina Research
    9:25 AM  -  9:45 AM
    Joe Speed, IoT and Connected Car Executive Consultant - Digital Operations CoC at IBM
    9:45 AM 
    Panel Discussion - Car Compute: What Needs to be Local, What Needs to be Cloud?
    Our panelists represent both sides of a debate for which there is no clear answer. But by hashing out the requirements of future processing power, autonomous cars, smart infrastructure, and AI, we'll be able to resolve what parts of the car's brain need to be local, and what parts need to be in the cloud.
    • Moderator: Edgar Auslander, Managing Director at Menlo Business Partners
    • Danny Shapiro, Sr Director of Automotive at NVIDIA
    • Stephanie Boyle, Head of our Innovation Labs, The Foundry at Ericsson
    • Craig Johnson, Sr. Automotive Marketing Manager at Renesas
    10:45 AM 
    Networking Break
    Flip over your agenda to the attendee list and put some faces to those names as we give everyone 30 minutes to connect with each other. As always, we are happy to help you find the person you want to meet.
    11:15 AM 
    Rapid-Fire Demo Presentations / Fastpitch
    Young companies interested in presenting their automotive technology innovations, services and solutions are welcome to register to be a rapid-fire presenter. These demo slots are 5-minutes and used to introduce new companies and their products, in the hopes of creating interest and follow-up from the Silicon Valley telecom and automotive community including the carriers, the manufacturers, and the investors who follow innovation in this segment.

    Submit a speaker application online here.

    • Moderator: Derek Kerton, Managing Partner at The Kerton Group
    • Ajay Juneja, CEO at Speak With Me, Inc.
    • Richard Baverstock, President/CEO at Mogol Inc
    • Sanjay Kalyanasundaram, Vice President, Cloud & Connected Device Platform at
    • Daniel Hennage, Founder at AutoModality
    • Antonis Karalis, Systems Architect at HPCmusic
    • Julie Schoenfeld, Founder and CEO at Strobe, Inc.
    • JR Alaoui, CEO at EYERIS
    • Nick Black, Chief Product Officer at CloudMade
    • HK Ueda, Cofounder of Drivemode
    • Albert Jordan, VP of Product Management at CloudCar, Inc.
    12:00 PM 
    Please close this meeting by connecting with the companies and people who presented their new ideas and products during the rapid fire pitches.
    1:00 PM