Big Data: Analytics & Data Mining

Why Do Automakers Want Into Big Data?
Although not every carmaker needs to physically build their own datacenters, clearly, the benefit of owning the data asset is too important for carmakers to outsource or neglect. The IT has shifted from a cost center to a business opportunity. So the OEMs must interact with the vendors of cloud solutions, datacenters, connectivity, analytics, et cetera. Join us as we look into this new junction of IT and automotive.

Cars are being built with an increasingly dizzying array of sensors, and the data from those sensors is piling up. Google recently revealed that their self-driving cars gather/create about 750 MB of data per second. Cars can discard much of this data immediately, but a great deal of it will be batch-uploaded to the cloud, where it can be leveraged for a variety of purposes. User Experience customization, settings storage, preferences, maintenance, telematics, car monitoring are obvious solutions, but my using the latest technologies in Big Data analysis, new gems of business intelligence can be pulled from the data.

  • What features of a car are used how often?
  • Does a different location of the OnStar button drive increased usage?
  • What are the characteristics of an engine just before a head gasket blows?
  • Is there a potentially unsafe situation in a customer's car?
  • What kind of driving pattern creates the most loyal customers…or those that move up to a more luxurious model?

This just barely scratches the surface, since the datacenters can obviously be used for classic ERP functions, which are so important to efficiency and profits.

The Autotech Council opens its doors to non-members a few times each year to take a deep dive into a segment of the auto industry that is attracting large amounts of innovation and investment. These ½-day, executive-format agendas highlight a few larger vendors who are leading the segment forward and bring dozens of undiscovered companies to the stage as well. These agendas always include plenty of time for networking, business discussions, and an interactive format that promotes relationships between member and non-member companies.

This meeting is free for Autotech Council members, open to non-members for a $200 fee, and Rapid Fire Demo Slots are available during registration to companies who can show off new products or services using analytics & data mining technology.

Call For Speakers and Rapid Fires
We encourage all companies with innovation in the analytics & data mining marketplace, to submit a speaker application online here.

Demo Tables Available
Demo tables are available during registration to any company with a product or service in this market segment who would like to show their technology during the morning and lunch breaks. These are a great way to get everyone in the room an in-person introduction to what you are doing in this market segment. Tables are 30” tall round cocktail tables, include black table linen, power, and Wi-Fi when available.

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  • When

  • Friday, December 13, 2013
    8:30 AM - 1:00 PM

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  • Nokia
    200 S. Mathilda Ave.
    Sunnyvale, California 94086

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