How close are autonomous vehicles?
By now, most of us here in Silicon Valley have probably seen a self-driving car cruising up and down 101. The Google Priuses are harbingers of things to come. As the cars successfully navigate 300,000+ miles, the autonomous vehicle is coming into focus. Not to be outdone, carmakers have launched myriad programs, and a consensus seems to be building around the year 2020 as the year autonomous cars become commercially available.

Until that time, we are witnessing a step-by-step progression from human-control to full autonomy. Already we have seen cruise control, ABS, vehicle electronic stability control, adaptive cruise, lane departure warning, collision avoidance, GPS nav, ADAS, drive-by-wire, etc. In fact, the job of driving is already highly automated, but like the frog in the boiling water, most drivers aren't even feeling the measurable heat.

In our Autonomous Vehicle meeting, we'll discuss:

  • What are the next steps in our steady progression towards self-driving?
  • What was learned from the 'moon-shot' early self-driving cars?
  • What are the costs of the elaborate sensors and equipment, and discuss how the cost curve will move in the next decade?
  • What will the social and cultural issue be surrounding taking humans out of the driver's seat?
  • How much infrastructural change will be required?

This ½-day, executive-format meeting is open to members and guests of the Telecom Council and Autotech Council. The agenda highlights a few larger vendors who are leading the segment forward and brings dozens of undiscovered companies to the stage as well. As always, we include plenty of time for networking, business discussions, and an interactive format that promotes relationships between member and non-member companies.

1. Autotech Council and Telecom Council Members: Meeting participation - FREE, Demo Tables - $50
2. Non-Members: Meeting participation - $200, Demo Tables - $500. Prerevenue startups may qualify for a 50% discount. Contact The Council to discuss.

Demo Tables Available
Demo tables are available during registration to any company with a product or service in this market segment who would like to show their technology during the morning and lunch breaks. These are a great way to get everyone in the room an in-person introduction to what you are doing. Tables are 30" tall round cocktail tables, include black table linen, power, and Wi-Fi when available.

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  • When

  • Friday, April 11, 2014
    8:30 AM - 2:00 PM

  • Where

  • Texas Instruments
    2900 Semiconductor Dr.
    Building E Auditorium
    Santa Clara, California 95051

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